Dorcas Mwamba

Independent Director

Personal Experience

Dorcas Mwamba is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in management consulting, and training, with a particular emphasis on human resource management and business development, strategy planning, performance management and research. With a keen focus on strategic, leadership, and management aspects, she has continuously pursued learning opportunities to enhance her skills and expertise.
Dorcas has extensive experience working across diverse markets in East and Central Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia, guiding teams on strategy, leadership, and human resource training initiatives.
As an accomplished trainer, Dorcas covers a wide range of topics including management, strategy, human capability development, strategic partnerships, leadership, corporate governance, marketing, customer service, SME strategy, and project management. She has contributed to the following journals:

• A peer-reviewed Journal for Human Resource and Leadership, “The effects of Training and Development Strategy on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Central Bank of South Sudan, 2017.
• An International Journal of Business Strategies “The effect of Innovation on Service Delivery in the Public Sector in Kenya, 2016.
• A project on “Responses to Changes in the External environment in service industry” A case study of Teachers Service Commission, 2004.

Beginning her career as a Lecturer in Business and Management disciplines at Daystar University, Dorcas has since held administrative roles such as Coordinator for Diploma programs and Exam Officer, demonstrating her proficiency in leadership and management.
She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Innovation at Daystar University while actively contributing to various committees within the university, such as the Performance Management Validation Committee, Crisis Communication Committee, and Gender and Sexual Harassment Committee. Dorcas has also held leadership positions within the Senior Staff Association of Daystar University, currently serving as its General Secretary.

• Master of Philosophy from Alagappa University
• Master of Tourism Management from Madurai Kamaraj University
• Bachelor of Commerce from Punjab University, India.